About GCP Fitness

How does it work?

To purchase your customised training program for at home or in the gym, click "BUY PROGRAM" in the headings bar of the main page.

Along with this purchase, you will also receive free membership to GCP Fitness online, which gives you access to the video exercise library, containing over 1000 exercise video demonstrations with written descriptions, plus a personal online training tracking system and program history!

How does a Customised Program work?

  • These programs are individually designed according to your appraisal form answers and your training environment. 
  • Fill in the automated Appraisal Form, which can be found under NEW FORMS in your members dashboard.
  • Send us a video/photos of your gym or home equipment
  • Your program will then be created within 5-7 working days and kept in your PROGRAMS tab in your members dashboard.
  • Follow the video links and written descriptions on each program to ensure that you understand the correct technique of each exercise prescribed

Remember to always keep the GCP Fitness motto in mind whenever you're training....


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Gav is no fuss, easy to communicate with and has been able to produce a success program for me that I have stuck with and also enjoyed. 

Andrew Nunn

He motivates and inspires me to be the best I can be and has helped make what I thought was impossible possible. He has literally given me my life back.

Angela Stuart

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