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Currently the global Director of Strength & Conditioning for the UFC Performance Institute & owner/operator of GCP Fitness.

Previously he led the UFC PI in Shanghai, China which is the first ever elite academy program in Mixed Martial Arts. This involved the optimisation of physical capacities amongst professional UFC rostered fighters, as well as the full-time academy athletes who are close to breaking into the greatest MMA corporation in the world.

In 2018, he worked as the Performance Manager for Team China Surfing, building a program to aid in the development of young surfers with the hope of qualifying for the 2024 Olympics and beyond. Prior to that, his role as Program Manager with American-based company EXOS saw him work with Team Shanghai at the 13th National Games of the People's Republic of China, where he and his performance team helped Shanghai win 33 medals, including 19 Gold.

With over 20 years experience training elite athletes and the general population in strength and conditioning, the opportunity to access this knowledge has been made available to anyone in the world via this online medium, GCP Fitness.

We hope you can become a part of the international crew and get your "Reward for Effort"!

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