Holiday Workout

To keep healthy and fit on holidays, try to take 20-30mins out of your day to perform some kind of conditioning activity. We find that doing exercise first thing usually gets it out of the way and allows you to feel energised and motivated to go and explore your new domain, or to simply chill out, guilt-free! 

Choosing an 'active' holiday or one where you'll be able to walk around to see the sights is also a fantastic way to maintain lower levels of body fat, but if you wanted to raise the intensity to get the most out of yourself, then check out this GCP Fitness 4-day program:


A1. 400m Run

A2. 10 x Push Ups

-Complete 10 sets of A1/A2 on 4min intervals. This means that every 4minutes, you complete a 400m run and 10 push ups, then rest for whatever time remains. 
-NB: This time can be adjusted to make it easier/harder depending on your current fitness levels.


A1. Walking Lunges 4 x 50m

A2. Squat Jumps     4 x 50m  

(Rest 3-5 mins)

B1. Commando Push Up   40/30/20/10

B2. Butterfly Sit Up          40/30/20/10

B3. 200m Run

Perform 40 reps of A1 & 40 reps of A2, then run 200m.

Repeat this pattern but decrease the reps each set until all four sets have been completed.


A1. Walkouts  10-1

A2. Burpees   10-1

(Rest 3-5 mins)

B1. Bicycle crunches     3 x 10 (Per Side)

B2. Toe Touches           3 x 15

B3. Straight Leg Raise  3 x 20

(Rest 3 mins)

C1. Bodyweight Squats  4 x 40

C2. Backwards Run       4 x 80m

For Time.


A1. Hand-Release Push Ups   x 15

A2. Explosive Lunges            x 15 (Per Leg)

A3. V-sits                             x 15

A4. Tricep Push Ups              x 15

-Set these exercises up in a square, so that you need to run roughly 80m to each station.

-Perform as many rounds as possible in 25minutes.

Don't forget that all exercises can be viewed in the GCP Fitness Exercise Library, which is FREE to sign up for, just click on the MEMBERS tab and register to gain access to over 650 exercises!

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