The $3K Reward for Effort Challenge

Here at GCP Fitness, we value effort! As our motto states: Reward for Effort! We want our clients to work at their greatest capacity. It does not matter what your goal is, all we ask is that you give it 100%.

In light of this, we want to reward the GCP team member who makes the most positive changes over the Christmas and New Year period with 12 months of FREE online training and nutrition. It doesn’t matter if your objective is to put on muscle or decrease body fat; we want the end result to be the most positive change for you!

The GCP member deemed to have made the greatest changes over the eight weeks from December 1 2015 to January 31 2016 will be rewarded with FREE online training and FREE nutrition support for the entire 2016! That’s approximately $3,200 worth of programming and nutrition assistance!

Why such a massive prize? We want to know that you are determined. We want to know that you are motivated. And we want to know that you understand the Reward for Effort principle. If you can make progress over the Christmas/New Year period, we know you are serious about your health and are ready to follow our advice with 100% dedication.

How to enter:
  • If you are not yet a member of GCP Fitness, sign-up via the registration page.
  • Gain access to your FREE resources including a 3-day training program, nutrition guide, and exercise library.
  • Send a “Before” photo to with you holding that day’s newspaper.
You can start the Challenge on any date between December 1 and January 31, however the Challenge will finish on January 31 when we will require an “After” photo. Please note that only the winner’s photos will be published on the GCP Fitness website and social media channels. All other photos will remain private and will be deleted at the end of the Challenge.

If you have any questions about the Challenge, or about the program and nutrition guide supplied to you through the members’ portal, please don’t hesitate to contact Gav at or Hannah at

Good luck! Work hard! And remember: Reward for Effort!

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