Amazing Transformation!

Adam Iriks is not only a fantastic guy, he's obviously a very determined one as well.

In April 2012, Adam contacted GCP Fitness seeking advice for his health and fitness journey.

At that stage, he'd previously weighed in at 200kg and had already lost 62kg over a 2 year period, but now he was ready to move onto a more structured program to ensure that he was heading in the right direction regarding his weight loss....very wise move indeed!

The eventual goal? To weigh in at 100kg which would allow him, amongst other things, to complete a Skydive in 2015.

Well, just this week in late September 2015, Adam realised that goal. A brilliant achievement that stemmed from years of hard work, consistency and determination. His endeavour to persist towards this visualisation is exactly the tenacity that's required to accomplish a target, whether it be for weight loss or any other ambition you set yourself.

There's plenty of companies trying to sell you the latest 'quick fix' product with claims of rapid weight loss, but this is simply NOT the long term answer. The way Adam has stuck to his guns and simply persisted at doing the simple things consistently over time is EXACTLY the way it should be done. It doesn't sound as 'sexy' to follow this process, but it is certainly the best way for long term success. Exercise and healthy eating is now just a part of what Adam does...and not a phase. 

Adam had a home garage set-up and didn't require a gym membership at any stage. So when Adam contacted us, a plan was put in place to begin a circuit training program 3-4 x per week, which involved high intensity activities such as; boxing, body weight conditioning and cardiovascular exercise.  Over the months, this plan would change according to his progression and as time went on, Adam added weights to his home gym meaning a resistance program could also be incorporated.

Altering your training program continuously allows enough time for adaptation & progression from the body, but not too much time to see boredom creep in!

One of the coolest things about Adam's training was that after a certain amount of time with GCP, he was able to create his own training routines, having now understood some of the processes required to form an effective regime. He now regularly participates in Fun Run's, local Basketball competitions and a heap of community-based sporting events, which all help to continue his successful journey.

This is a massive part of what GCP Fitness is about...educating and guiding you to best understand what it is that's needed to achieve optimum health. There's no reason that you can't achieve a goal like Adam has done, so if you'd like to kickstart your health and fitness journey today, make sure you check out some of the GCP Online training programs here.

Well done Adam, you are certainly a prime example of "Reward for Effort."

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