Hanna Baker

Hannah Baker (APD)

Hannah Baker is internationally accredited and is the current dietitian for the Canada Snowboard team and GCP Fitness. One of the primary goals of her role is to empower others with the knowledge and skills to achieve their health goals, nourish their bodies, and create a balanced and enjoyable relationship with food.

Finding the balance between lifestyle, work commitments, training goals, health and nutrition is not always easy. However, recognising the ways to make this balance possible is an area that a sports dietitian can help in.

Busy work schedules, food allergies and media misinformation, whilst trying to progress your training to become as strong and healthy as possible is an often difficult task, but with the assistance of Hannah's working experience, you will find answers to these difficult problems.

With a nutrition and dietetics degree from Griffith University, Hannah can help you achieve your desired health outcomes through sensible and sustainable goal setting that will educate you for life and give the you knowledge to make the best choices for you!

If you have any direct questions for Hannah, please contact her at the email address shown below.

Hannah Baker
GCP Fitness Dietitian
(e) hannah@gcpfitness.com

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