8 Week Package

This eight week package consists of an initial 60 minute online consultation with GCP dietitian Hannah Baker, to assess your goals, diet history, health history and current health status, as well as potential pathways that will enable you to reach your desired goals and body composition.

Every two weeks following the initial consultation, another 60 minute consult will take place to give you continual nutritional advice and support. This will result in four 1-hour personal consultations. In addition, you are most welcome to contact Hannah anytime online throughout the eight weeks to ask questions, clarify information and seek guidance. 

Most importantly, you will be treated as an individual! This means no generic meal plans will be used. All suggestions and recommendations put forward will be specifically for you, your current situation and health status. If you would like a meal plan, this can be discussed towards the end of the eight weeks when you and Hannah discuss suitable and sustainable plans that will ensure you can continue onwards and upwards towards your goals in the future.

Price: $350.00

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