Kemal Akagunduz - BJJ black belt

My GCP Fitness customised program has helped a lot with focusing on what is important, rather than wasting time on random lifts. It has helped me with fixing my injuries, strengthening my weak areas, getting stronger and having a much better cardio for my sport of BJJ.

Sasa - Muay Thai

I've been exercising all my life but at one point, I was not improving anymore. All my Internet searches did not really help me, so then I was introduced to Gavin from a close friend telling me he is a magician. I wanted to strengthen my knees and shoulders from old injuries and following my introduction to GCP Fitness, Gavin sent me my full program suited to these requirements. I must admit that Gavin has been an guardian-angel for me. I sent him videos of my exercise techniques and he coached me as if he was next to me in person. I changed gyms and he re-adapted the exercises according to the new place. And...the results are there!

I get consistent professional follow-up's meaning I can benefit from all his S&C experience. Can we say that Gavin is good? No! He's more than good! He's essential!

Margaret Little-Western Australia Dragon Boating

Gavin has an innate knowledge of muscles used in various sports and enormous experience in the fitness industry in general. He has a calm demeanor which masks a fierce determination to make his client do the impossible – again and again. I have enjoyed training with Gavin immensely over a 6 year period. He has taught me so much and now that I have taken on a coaching role he’s also been a great motivator and mentor to me. He has taught me many coaching techniques in such a simple way that I have been able to easily pass them on to the club. Gavin is a dedicated, motivating personal trainer. He never gives up and therefore his results are guaranteed.

Mel Brigulio-Boston- Mother of 2

During these 9 years I've been involved with GCP Fitness, Gavin has motivated me to bring out my best during our sessions, whether that be to push heavier weights, run faster in our cardio sessions or punch harder during boxing...you KNOW you will always be pushed to 110%. I can say that in 5 years I have never used the same program twice. Gavin’s ability to change the way you work your different muscle groups is very creative, you never get bored repeating the same exercises, there’s always something new and inventive coming along. Gavin also trained me during my pregnancy which he was nothing short of fabulous through, I trained right up until 8 months, which I believe helped during my birth. I was extremely confident in his training ability and what exercises I was doing during this time. I would recommend Gavin if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals."

Elsie Evans

I am 68 years of age and have had three shoulder operations. With Gavin’s assistance I have managed to strengthen my shoulders so I am pain free. His programs are varied and because of this I enjoy our sessions. Overall fitness is a priority and every exercise is explained to show which muscles are being strengthened. I would like to thank Gavin for the care and encouragement he has given me while I have been training with him.

Trine Beatty

Gav is a trainer who is not only passionate about what he does, but is knowledgeable and extremely professional. Every time you have a session with Gav, you get something different. So what could easily become a mundane and repetitious experience, is instead interesting, hard and motivating! Yet it's always a program that suits your specific needs. Gav pushes you to your limit, without burning you out. He gives great guidance in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but knows there is also a balance in life with having a good time... ...it just means you have to work that bit harder the next time you see him!! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending GCP Fitness, as I have done in the past with friends.

Jason Millham- Amateur Marathon Racer

I went to GCP Fitness for results and that’s exactly what I got! It helps that Gav's a top bloke as well!

Angela Stuart

I came to Gavin in late 2013 with chronic back issues. I was in a lot of pain and could barely move let alone perform exercises. I had exhausted all other avenues of treatment and was almost about to give up and succumb to my world of pain, but with Gavin's guidance my world started to turned around and I began to make improvements. Today, I am happy to say that I am virtually pain free and stronger than I have ever been! Training with Gavin is so much fun (hard, but fun!). He motivates and inspires me to be the best I can be and has helped make what I thought was impossible possible - He has literally given me my life back. Words can't express how thankful I am for everything this guy has done for me. I can now dream big, train hard and look forward to the future. Thanks Gav - #1 Coach!

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