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Eating for Health & Performance

25 May 2018

Are you eating enough to perform at your best AND to maintain optimal health?

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Should athletes supplement with BCAAs

08 Feb 2018

BCAAs have become a very popular sports supplement due to their ability to promote muscle protein synthesis and assist with other health benefits. But is supplementation necessary?

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Hydrating for Performance

02 Jun 2017

Many athletes and fitness-lovers focus intently on training hard and eating well, but it is imperative that hydration is not forgotten.

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Caffeine and Performance

07 Dec 2016

Caffeine makes mornings manageable world wide! It does this by stimulating our central nervous system and making us feel awake, focussed and even energised. It’s for these reasons that many athletes use caffeine before or during training and competition. Is it something you should consider?

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The $3K Reward for Effort Challenge

19 Nov 2015

Win over $3,000 worth of online programming and nutrition guidance to make 2016 your Year of Health!

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Fat Loss or Fluid Loss?

30 Oct 2015

There are many food products out there promising quick weight loss such as "2kg in one week". But are you really losing fat?

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How to get more veggies into your diet.

18 Oct 2015

Eating the recommended five serves of vegetables a day can be hard! Hopefully the suggestions in this article will make it easier for you to include veggies into every meal - be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time!

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Common factors for weight loss

09 Oct 2015

What are the predominant characteristics of people who have succeeded with longterm weight loss?

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Muesli Bars

02 Aug 2015

My local supermarket stocks 116 varieties of muesli bars. Here are the five I would recommend.

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