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Should athletes supplement with BCAAs

08 Feb 2018

BCAAs have become a very popular sports supplement due to their ability to promote muscle protein synthesis and assist with other health benefits. But is supplementation necessary?

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(SCS) Small Calf Syndrome

07 Mar 2017

If you've never been able to grow your calves, read on to find out why this could actually be a positive, and NOT the negative you always thought it to be!

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DIY: Testing Battery

02 Aug 2016

If you are training solo at home or in the gym, then here is a comprehensive run down on how to test yourself and the results you should expect. Remember, there is no such thing as maintenance....if you're not progressing, you're going backwards!

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The $3K Reward for Effort Challenge

19 Nov 2015

Win over $3,000 worth of online programming and nutrition guidance to make 2016 your Year of Health!

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'The Replica'

12 Aug 2015

A quick strength and conditioning workout for the time-poor, this program will get you stronger, fitter and leaner in less than 30 minutes.

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Blaine Robinson: Surfer

02 May 2015

GCP Fitness Athlete, Blaine Robinson is starting to make a name for himself in the sport of surfing here on the Gold Coast. Check out his profile here!

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Free Bootcamp Program: APRIL - MAY

07 Jun 2014

Click on this link for a FREE 3 day strength and conditioning program to get you into great shape in just 4 weeks.

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How Strong Are You?

19 May 2014

Ever looked at another guy or girl on the gym and thought, "Whoa! How are they able to lift so much weight?!". Well, it might be helpful for you to know that all these things are relative and that you might not actually be as far off the pace as you first thought.

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