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Transformation: Fabio Martins

11 Jun 2018

Want to know what it takes to get ripped? Check out this transformation from GCP Fitness client Fabio Martins and you'll see that it's not as complex as the fitness industry likes to make it!

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Eating for Health & Performance

25 May 2018

Are you eating enough to perform at your best AND to maintain optimal health?

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Should athletes supplement with BCAAs

08 Feb 2018

BCAAs have become a very popular sports supplement due to their ability to promote muscle protein synthesis and assist with other health benefits. But is supplementation necessary?

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Hydrating for Performance

02 Jun 2017

Many athletes and fitness-lovers focus intently on training hard and eating well, but it is imperative that hydration is not forgotten.

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(SCS) Small Calf Syndrome

07 Mar 2017

If you've never been able to grow your calves, read on to find out why this could actually be a positive, and NOT the negative you always thought it to be!

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Caffeine and Performance

07 Dec 2016

Caffeine makes mornings manageable world wide! It does this by stimulating our central nervous system and making us feel awake, focussed and even energised. It’s for these reasons that many athletes use caffeine before or during training and competition. Is it something you should consider?

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Losing it

13 Oct 2016

A favourite client of GCP Fitness, Naz, has managed to achieve much more than just weight loss in her journey over the past 2 years. She's also managed to lose her negative mindset... something that we all know is not as easy as it sounds! Read on to find out how she did it. Hopefully some of her story resonates with your journey as well.

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Digging Deep: Finding the mental edge to reach your goals.

17 Aug 2016

There is a huge difference between what people "say" they are going to do, versus what actually happens. So why is this? And what can we potentially do to change this trend?

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DIY: Testing Battery

02 Aug 2016

If you are training solo at home or in the gym, then here is a comprehensive run down on how to test yourself and the results you should expect. Remember, there is no such thing as maintenance....if you're not progressing, you're going backwards!

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What is a Stitch?

29 May 2016

Apart from being a nightmare for anyone who is into running or sports in general, what is a stitch and how do we get them?

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The A4 Waist....and other such nonsense

12 May 2016

There's always been fads, trends and silly gadgets in fitness, but have you heard of these ones?! We explain why having the body you want, comes down to knowing the body you have.

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Found Time

22 Apr 2016

Efficiency versus Effectiveness? How to go about getting the most out of your training AND your life.

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The $3K Reward for Effort Challenge

19 Nov 2015

Win over $3,000 worth of online programming and nutrition guidance to make 2016 your Year of Health!

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Heart Rates...How hard do you need to push?

10 Oct 2015

Interval training, marathon running, gym workouts and Sunday afternoon strolls. There's plenty of ways to train and improve your fitness, but what Intensity will work best for you?

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Common factors for weight loss

09 Oct 2015

What are the predominant characteristics of people who have succeeded with longterm weight loss?

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Mental Health Week

07 Oct 2015

To promote social and emotional wellbeing in the community, Australia holds Mental Health Week between the 4th-10th October. But how much of a role can exercise play to help alleviate some of these issues?

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Amazing Transformation!

03 Oct 2015

How Adam lost 100kg to literally become half the man he used to be!

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Holiday Workout

28 Aug 2015

We all love spending time away, but if you've worked hard to be in the shape you want, maintaining that level of health while you're on the road is an important factor. Here's a 4-day workout plan which requires no equipment at all, to keep you looking great whilst in holiday mode!

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Eat Fit, Get Fit!

01 Jun 2015

A brief look into my preparation of becoming the front cover fitness model for the national magazine publication, Eat Fit.

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5 Tips to Run Faster

01 Jun 2015

If you want to improve you speed over distance, score a PB in the near future or simply just get better at running, then take a look at these 5 simple tips to put your better foot forward!

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Before and After...

01 Jun 2015

A story of GCP Fitness client Ceasre Lionti and his fantastic weight loss results, plus an inside look into my fitness shoot for the Fitness expo, FILEX.

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Free Bootcamp Program: APRIL - MAY

07 Jun 2014

Click on this link for a FREE 3 day strength and conditioning program to get you into great shape in just 4 weeks.

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Surf Testing

19 May 2014

I got the chance to assist Hurley's High Performance Surf Centre on the East Coast of Australia with some of their testing procedures, which will eventually help them determine ways to alter specific movements to improve surf performance.

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